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Being organized is the foundation to a healthy mind and happy life.

Actively making the choice to be organized will make you

happier, healthier, functional, and calmer.

I decided to create my business, Humble Bee South Georgia LLC,

because I love to help others find peace within their spaces.

My goal is to make everything

organized, functional, clean, and pleasing to the eye.

Many of my clients have contacted me after

I have gotten them organized to tell me

how much better they feel emotionally and mentally,

how nice it is to find what they need when they need it,

and how being organized has changed their life for the better.

"Ila is amazing at what she does! She has helped me multiple times with different projects in my home. She has also taught me little helpful tools every time she has been here. I highly recommend hiring her for any cleaning or organizing needs. She is so patient and thorough. You can see the passion she has in helping people love the space they are in." -- Stacia M.

My husband Joe and I share the ability to revamp and recreate spaces. We are resourceful, we think outside the box, and we see the potential to make any space better, structured, and functional. We are meticulous and we have a strong attention to detail.

Together, with my organized to the T, type A personality in combination with Joe's extensive skill set and ability to build from the ground up, we can bring the gift of organization to you.


I look forward to discussing your goals and working with you!

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